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      The Power of a MagnaClean

      We were contacted recently by a customer who was having problems with his Central Heating System.

      “The Radiators upstairs are roasting and the ones downstairs are freezing cold, the one in the Hall Way has never worked”!

      After visiting the customer we found out that the system had not been serviced in over 8 years. The Water Circulator (commonly called the Pump) was very noisy and working under stress at it’s highest setting. The three port valve – used to switch the hot water in the primary circuit between the Central Heating¬† or Hot Water circuit or both had also seized.

      It was agreed to power flush the system and use a sludge remover. To dose the system with an inhibitor to reduce oxidization, replace the water circulator and three port valve and fit a MagnClean to protect the system and keep it working at optimum efficiency.

      What is a MagnaClean?

      A MagnaClean is a proven, high efficiency, full flow, magnetic filter designed by a Heating Engineer, that will remove virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide. This is really important, because the natural process of black iron oxide build up soon impairs performance and eventually clogs the boiler and radiators. These particles bond to all of the system components causing premature failure and contaminate the boiler heat exchanger and pipework. Needless to say the boiler and circulator have to work harder and harder – this means you are paying for heat that is going no where. In other words money is flying out of the window!

      At Essex Heating Services we have made it a practice to fit a MagnaClean on all new installations. We recommend that if you haven’t got one fitted to your system, that you consider having one fitted when you have your boiler serviced.

      Can be maintained by the Customer

      Its very simple for the customer to clean the MagnaClean on a regular basis see below: –

      1. Lock off the two valves with the small spanner provided
      2. Remove the top of the canister with the spanner provided
      3. Remove the Magnet from the plastic collar
      4. Wash the iron oxide under the tap
      5. Insert the Magnet back into the plastic collar
      6. Insert the unit back into the canister
      7. Screw the lid back on
      8. Open the two valves

      Bleed the canister using a radiator key form the top of the canister

      Have a look at the pictures to give you an idea.

      Even after a 4 hour power flush the MagnaClean will still be able to pull particles out of the system. It really is an amazing piece of kit.

      Needless to say the customer now has a Central Heating System that functions as it was designed to, giving heat throughout the house including the the Hall Radiator.

      If you would like to have a MagnaClean fitted to your Central Heating System give us a call at : –

      Essex Heating Services

      01376 516513



      MagnaClean before washing with Tap Water
      MagnaClean before washing with Tap Water

      Collar removed from the Magnet as seen on the side
      Collar removed from the Magnet as seen on the side

      After cleaning simply slide Collar back onto Magnet. It only goes on one way.
      After cleaning simply slide Collar back onto Magnet. It only goes on one way.

      11 thoughts on “The Power of a MagnaClean”

      1. Thanks for your informative website, I hope you can help. My mother has a service contract with British Gas and has been advised to have a Magnaclean fitted. She has been quoted £700, has 10 radiators in her bungalow. Can you advise me if this is a reasonable price? And if she looks for cheaper quotes, how can she be sure of having a good job done?

        Thanks very much

        1. Hi Claire,

          That does seem excessive. Depending upon the type of system that you your mother has fitted it should be no more than £300 to supply and fit. Its always best to go with a Gas Safe Registered Company or Engineer. Where does your mother live? If it is within our area I would be more that pleased to pay a visit and assess the situation.

          Kind regards

      2. Hi,
        I was wondering what might be the best way to add fernox or similar inhibitor with the magnaclean. do i need to get special equpiment etc?
        does not look like i live in one of the areas you cover.


        1. Hi Lance,

          Once the MagnaClean has been installed, you can add the Fernox directly into the MagnaClean. You simply unscrew the top and does the system as required. Where about do you live?

      3. when trying to change magna clean valves just keep turning around it is leaking from the top, what can we do help please . mal

        1. Hello Mal,

          There is an Air Vent at the top of the MagnaClean that is used to purge the air from the filter once it has been cleaned and the screw cap put back on. You will need to check that this has been tightened. If it is still leaking it may be that the “O Ring” has gone. This will need replacing. I would advise having this looked at if that is the case. Please advise where you live as we may be able to come out and have a look at it for you. If you require further advise please give us a call on 01376 516513.

      4. Hello
        My Magnaclean professional leaks water out of the screw on top when cold, the unit is about 18 months old.!
        Any ideas, the leak is not from the bleed valve

        1. Hi Alan,

          It may be one of the “O Rings” that has gone. The MagnaClean is supplied with a spare “O Ring” kit. When it was installed it should have been left with you.
          If you haven’t got it if you contact MagnaClean they will supply one for you. After you have replaced the “O Ring” it should cure the problem. If you have any difficulties please contact me. If you are in the Essex area I can pop in and have a look for you.

      5. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However
        I am experiencing troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I can’t
        join it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems?
        Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

      6. do i have to turn off my combi Baxi boiler before i clean the Magnaclean micro,from the boiler or the wall switch,dont want to turn off gas in boiler,boiler is one year old…thanks

        1. Hi Terry,

          Its best to turn it off first. Then isolate the filter by means of the isolation valves using the small plastic spanner provided. Its best to have a small bowl to hand so that when you have unscrewed the lid you have somewhere safe to put the lid and magnet into for carrying so as not to spill any water or magnetic oxide onto the floor. You can then clean it. Put it back afterwards. Make sure that the lid is screwed done and then open up the valve. Turn on the boiler. Vent the Magnaclean from the vent on top using a radiator key. Lock it off and you are good to go.

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