Essex Heating Services are pleased to be able to offer a revolutionary new package for home buyers and sellers.  This service is to comprehensibly  inspect and review all of the Central Heating System;  Gas and Plumbing on the property.  This is normally done prior to buying the property or alongside, when you have your property survey done.  This will check the following: –

  • The Integrity of your Gas Pipes,
  • The Efficiency and Safety of your boiler  (The boiler is opened up and inspected and the Flue Gases are Analysed)
  • The quality of your Cold Water Cistern (cold water storage tanks – are they BYLAW30 Compliant)
  • FE Tank for the Central Heating System – Does it have a proper cover and is the Tank clean?
  • All the plumbing is fully checked

This service offer home buyers full peace of mind on the Plumbing and Heating System and the knowledge of the safety and quality of what they are buying into.

This is equally useful for home sellers to know what standard  their property is and what is required to bring the Plumbing and Heating up to a safe level and compliant with building regulations.

You will receive a certificate stating our findings, suggestions and the level that we rate the systems of the property.

If you would like to take advantage of this comprehensive survey contact Essex Heating Services on

01376 516513

The cost of this service is dependent upon the property size.