Can you smell Gas? Do you suspect you have a Gas Leak?

December 30, 2013 by  

The first thing to do is make sure that you and your family stay safe: –

• Don’t smoke
• Don’t turn any electrical appliances or light switches on (an electrical spark could ignite the gas!)
• Don’t light any matches; candles or cigarette lighters
• Extinguish any naked Flames


• Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows
• Turn Gas Appliances off – Do not use again until they have been checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer and instructed to do so
• Turn the Gas Supply Off from the Gas Meter
• Assist those that need help to vacate the immediate area


• Call the National Gas Safety Emergency Line on 0800 111999 to report a gas leak.

They will sort the problem out. They will send an engineer to check to see if there is a gas leak and identify the area of the leak. If the leak is within the property they will cap the Gas Supply. You will need to contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to identify where the leak is coming from within the property and rectify the problem. They will effect repairs to any Gas Leak coming from their side of the Gas Meter. They will leave you with a report showing what action they have taken and what action you need to take.

The majority of Gas Leaks come from Gas Appliances that have been poorly maintained and not serviced on a regular basis. Badly installed Gas Appliances can cause Fires, Explosions, Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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